How dress up in a panda costume

Published: 03rd March 2011
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By mean costume is a dress or a wardrobe in general. A distinctive style of a dress of a particular group or class of people is also referred as costumes. Costumes can also be referred as an artistic arrangement of accessory which is being depicted in a picture, a poem or in a statue etc. For example in a play to depict a place or a circumstance appropriate to the time is pictures or described by a particular style of clothing is called a costume. In some cases a costume has a major role in a fancy dress party or in an artistic theatrical performance. A panda costume is such a costume which is fairly easy to make. In a Panda’s costume the panda’s fur pattern in white and black shade is replicated in a piece of clothe. It is quite easy to replicate that pattern in clothes since the black and white pattern can easily be picture. Though to replicate the panda’s pattern as costume it requires doing some basic sewing skills. In order to sew full panda’s pattern in a costume it take about an hour time.

To make panda’s costume and to sew the costume pattern in clothe there are some things to remember. First the sweatshirt should spread on a flat surface and make a large size tummy by cutting out an oval faux fur to cover the front of the sweatshirt. After cutting this sew the fabric to the front of the sweatshirt in an oval shape. Cut two large circles from the black felt and two smaller half circles from the white felt to make ears and with using a needle and thread attach these white circles in front of the black half circles. After putting the sweatshirt, mittens, shoes and sweatpants stuff this costume with crumpled-up newspaper and make it into a roly-poly shape. Then make the face of costume as whitish and black the area around eye and tip of the nose by using paint. These entire sewing and painting has finished put the ski cap with facing the white part of the ear facing forward.

Like the same as panda’s, the dog costume has its own importance while you make wearing your dog a fabulous costume. Many dog owners are in deep search to get a perfect costume for their dogs. It’s quite simple to make a homemade dog costume, but once you decide to make a dog costume make sure your dog will wear the type of costume. Most pets and dogs agree to wear costumes. To make a dog costume you will need some fabric to cut and sew a cape which will cover the back of your dog. A dog costume consists of two parts namely a cape and two leg bands. The clothe piece which covers the dog’s back look like a cape. You can omit the leg bands as you need but the cape is a must which will make a funny costume for your dog.

dog costume and cat costume in joyfay is really attractive

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