Different types of Subliminal Message

Published: 09th May 2011
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Subliminal is the word which means the subconscious part of our mind. That means in the subconscious state, our mind will never realize that brain is processing the whole information. The subliminal part of mind is also said to be the below the threshold of normal perception of mind. Subliminal messages are the type of messages which intended or perceived by the subliminal or the below the threshold part of our mind. The concept of message was first introduced in the year 1957 and has become the main controversy that the practitioners claimed its potential use in persuasion. The research result with some psychologists said that these messages will never produce any type of powerful or enduring effect on behavior. The subliminal form of messages is said to be some words, sounds or images appear in television, radios, movies, advertisements, prints, recorded music or any visual, audible source. When seen these type messages our conscious mind on television or any other visual, audible source our brain will not recognize the purpose or what they for. In fact our conscious part of brain may ignore it beyond the conscious perception.

Generally this type messages appear for just a fraction of a second in the form of flash messages. This continuous but flash form of messages usually appears in the periphery of another visual display. The subliminal audio messages sometimes played below a volume not in the audible frequency. This generates with a process called the back masking that the audio stimuli is masked by other stimuli. The subliminal stimuli are employed in the scientific needs of perception without awareness or it is very useful in doing unconscious perception. Subliminal message will come either in the form of an audible message, or a visual program etc. Subliminal form of messages in fact hides something which makes an impact or makes come to the listening of human brain. This is why many people think subliminal message are in the form of hidden messages under the sound of music or something else.

Subliminal message are in different types and form. Subliminal Software, Subliminal Tapes, silent subliminals, dichotic Subliminals, natural subliminal- messages, back masking etc are the different forms of subliminal message. Subliminal tape is the well known audio type subliminal in which the message is to hide under sounds. Silent subliminals are the similar subliminal message which delivers the message silently without using a support sound signal. Dichotic subliminals means of delivering different messages to each ear at the same time that this technique makes it difficult to identify the message being played. The dichotic subliminals is very effective among all other types subliminal message. The natural subliminal message is the normally played audio message so our conscious mind can tune-out and ignore it. Where as back masking is used for playing the messages backwards with using the back masking process of including different type audios. Apart form all subliminal technologies the subliminal software is used in subliminal messaging which involves flashing message very quickly on a display monitor.

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